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    Aesthetically clean, functionally perfect, dimensioned for growth and with the utmost attention on environement: this is our design.

  • Support and strategy for Airlines

    Air Alliance with its range of services
    is the right partner for Airport Operators.

  • Leaders in
    Non destructive testing

    HWD, Laser Scanner, GPR,
    drone surveying and more

  • Regional Airports

    Strategy for Financial Sustainability

Monthly Topic

  • Alitalia: business crisis or system crisis?
    Alitalia: business crisis or system crisis?
    6 May 2017 by
    “Alitalia: Crisis” calls, and Italy replies. As always. The “loan” granted by the Government to Alitalia, despite the fact that the various government representatives have rush to declare the opposite, is in fact a new nationalization of the Company. This...
  • Overlay on Concrete Pavements: is this a time effective solution?
    Overlay on Concrete Pavements: is this a time effective solution?
    19 January 2017 by
    The refurbishment and upgrading of rigid pavements is one of the classic problems for airport operators. Around the world there are several airports whose superstructures, usually built between the ’60s and’ 80s primarily for military purposes, have come to a...


Air Alliance brings the Airport Engineering expertise covering both AIRFIELD and TERMINAL

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Regional Airports

We believe that regional airports are not just a cost to the community but a valuable resource for their territories.
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Risk Assessment

We assist in Risk Assessment Analysis.
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Our surveying division provides obstacle, topographic, laser scanner, ground penetrating radar, HWD, friction testing.
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Air Alliance provides specialized consultancy for the setup of the SMS as well as assistance for EASA Certification
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