Master Planning

An integrated long-term airport development approach.

The best response to the rapid evolution of the aviation industry
“An Airport Master Plan should be the most effective framework within which the individual facilities can operate their separate functions at the highest possible levels of efficiency” - ICAO, Doc. 9184

Traffic Forecast

The expected traffic in the short-medium and long term requires the analysis and understanding of the global and local aviation market development. An insight of airline strategic expansion plans as well as social and economic environment are used to confirm the output of mathematical models. The wise calibration of the model is the crucial stage in the creation of the traffic scenario.

Capacity Evaluation

Throughout Capacity Evaluation, we examine the whole airports subsystems and we evaluate the traffic increase impact on the services level, from the ATC and runway system to the car parks. We utilize a variety of methodologies, models and advanced simulation techniques to prioritize the project expansion and prevent from drops in the service level.


Airport Development Plan shall deliver a balanced combination of the Airside layout, Terminal expansion, Cargo Areas and all support building and utilities. Air Alliance works on a strong multi-level planning process in order to involve successfully the airport stakeholders, fulfill the major airport community needs and create a feasible development plan that is also appropriate in size, timing and finance. Traffic forecast and existing capacity analysis are the starting point of the process. Periodically careful reviews and constant analysis will follow, in order to anticipate the latest traffic trends and consequently reach the airport business goals.

Investment & Financial Plan

Airport development projects funding strategy is a crucial point that has to be identified since early planning stage. Air Alliance supports Government Authorities and Airport operators in shaping the optimal strategy to fund each project. Thanks to our solid knowledge of the aviation market and International regulations we are able to provide alternative financial solutions that can mitigate investments risks.